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Performance Starts From The Ground Up

Tires are a vital part of your Alfa Romeo’s performance. They’re the only contact your vehicle has with the road, and affect acceleration, braking, cornering, and the overall safety of your vehicle. That’s why we strongly recommend Alfa Romeo tires that are specifically suited for your vehicle. They meet our stringent specifications, and have been tested for your vehicle to ensure that you continue to experience the superb performance and handling that have been engineered into your vehicle.

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Essential Reasons For Using Summer Tires

Optimized to perform in the heat

Optimized compound and tread designs lead to greater control on dry and wet roads in the summer seasons. Summer tires stop sooner on dry and wet roads.

Greater control

The tread pattern of a summer tires is optimized to provide the best handling and traction during the warm season.

Prolonged tire life

Your safety deserves two sets of tires. While the winter tires are in service, the life of your summer tires is prolonged. Recommended safe tread depth: 3 mm.

Essential Reasons For Using Winter Tires

Greater mobility and control

Optimal performance under all weather conditions without compromise.

Improve breaking distance

Winter tires help to reduce breaking distances at temperature below 7°C creating a higher level of safety and comfort.

Greater mobility & control

Winter tires guarantee mobility on snow without reducing performance on dry road surfaces.

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Bike racks and other accessories 

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The perfect combination of exclusive design and exceptional functionality.

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Alfa Romeo Tire Storage 

Tire Storage

Safely secure your tires for the season at Alfa Romeo of Vancouver.

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